New Boiler Installation Northampton

We aim to provide you with the best service at the best price and the following are included as standard, with every boiler installation.

Choosing the right boiler engineer to supply and fit central heating systems and boilers at your home, is often a difficult process unless someone comes recommended. Many households contact the big names like British Gas initially, but often receive prices for installations that are way over the price you need to pay.

Not only will EJ Wheldon price match (*and often beat) your best quote, but as standard, we provide each new installation with services, which others charge extra for.

If you are in the local area and you need a new boiler installation in Northampton, get in touch today. Fill in our quote form or call Elliott on 07969 157520.

Remember, all our work is guaranteed for 5 years as standard, covering all new pipework fitted. This is supplied with relevant building regs and gas safe certification alongside any manufacturer warranty for the boiler itself.

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New Boiler Installation Options

Install Boiler


This is a cleaning process to clear the build-up of rust and other debris which can build up, in your pipes and radiators. This metallic debris or ‘sludge’ can affect the efficiency of your heating system, causing cold spots in your radiators, even after they have been bled.

boiler installation

Water Test Kit & Chemical Inhibitor

By testing your water, we get an accurate understanding of your water quality, which helps us to protect you against limescale and corrosion, two of the main culprits of system issues and breakdowns.

magnetic filter

A magnetic central heating filter is installed onto the pipework of your boiler and filters the debris by using the magnet inside, to attract sludge, removing it from your system as it operates. This improves efficiency and ultimately, saves you money.

boiler installation Northampton

Limescale Reducer

This is fitted to the cold water mains and reduces the risk of a build-up of limescale inside your boiler.

*Only for Combination Boilers (combi)

Boilers Northampton & Beyond

If you have searched for New Boiler Installations near me, and we come up in search but you are just outside the Northampton area. Send us a text, phone or fill in our inquiry form as we have engineers who can cover a wider area than we advertise on our website.

Referrals and Word of Mouth

We get loads of referrals due to the great prices we offer and the quality of service we provide. However, for those who haven’t heard from a friend or family member, take a look at our Google Reviews. We are known for our attention to detail, cleanliness, and professionalism, as well as saving many of our customers £££’s over similar quotes from other supplies.