What is the cost of a New Boiler replacement?

Northampton Boiler Installations and Repairs

How much is a New Boiler Replacement in Northampton?

The exact price you will pay to replace a boiler is based on the size, make, and model.

Obviously, there is the fuel type to consider (gas, oil, LPG etc) but in the main, we concentrate on Gas right now, however, EJ Wheldon is closely monitoring alternative energy boilers to help with carbon emissions and to be part of a solution to heat our homes in more climate-friendly ways.

Average Cost for a New Boiler

The cost of the boiler itself can range from £500 – £3500 depending on various factors. Any average we give you, is unhelpful really, as a small one-bed flat with 2 radiators is vastly different from the cost for a 3 story house with 16 radiators.

An average of all sales is around the £1300 mark but you should not consider this as a target price for your own needs, without getting an accurate price for a new boiler.

Selecting the right Boiler

In many cases, it’s a case of replacing an old, inefficient boiler with a modern one that works better.

Sometimes, customers may wish to switch from a conventional boiler to a combination boiler and some may look to have a new boiler installed in a new location or to extend the current system to include new radiators.

These are the factors that must be considered before selecting a boiler.

Click here for details on choosing a new boiler and feel free to email or phone us for advice.

Types of Boiler

You can click on any of the links below to find out more about the type of boiler and view typical house set-ups, for each boiler.

  • Combination Boiler
    These are the most popular type of boilers in the UK, as they can be extremely economical, only heating the water you need ‘on demand’.
  • Conventional Boiler
    Often referred to as conventional, regular or heat-only boilers. These work by sending hot water to your radiators and a hot water cylinder.
  • System Boiler
    System boilers are often known as sealed system boilers. Like traditional boilers, they have water cylinders. However, they do not have cold water tanks. System boilers are typically set up in bigger residential or commercial properties.

How to Finance a New Boiler

EJ Wheldon fits new boilers every day and is one of the leading heating and engineering firms in the county. As a result of the volume of boilers we fit, we are able to offer low monthly payment options – 0% finance on our boilers. Whether you take finance or not, we have fast supply and installation times, as little as the next working day.

Do I need to buy a Boiler from my Energy Supplier?

No. You can have your boiler installed, serviced, and repaired by any company you wish. It has no bearing on the energy supplier you use.

We guarantee to beat ANY quote

Is it worth switching to a Combi?

There is a benefit to using a combi, in certain situations and typically in smaller properties. There are fewer parts to the overall system and it tends to be quicker to fit, with the benefit of offering instant hot water, but it depends on the water pressure and likely demands without your home e.g how many people live there and are likely to need water at the same time.

Yes, in some cases it is worth switching to a Combi, but not always. If you are considering changing to combi, contact us for advise and a free no-obligation visit to check and quote on providing an appropriate solution for your property.