Is it time to replace my old boiler?

time to replace an old boiler and reduce energy bills

Let’s face it, we all want to keep the cost of our energy bills down. Most of us switch each year and those who do not, really should …. Loyalty does not pay when it comes to the energy firms, so checking you are on the best possible deal is vital.

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Right, now the energy supplier is in check, let’s take a look at the Boiler.

When is the best time to replace my boiler?

Modern boilers are significantly more efficient than those manufactured 10+ years ago. Temperature control devices have developed in that time, too, meaning you can be far more precise with how you heat each area of your house.

Key warning signs it might be time to get a new one

  1. Frequent boiler breakdowns
  2. Noisy boilers & heating system (bangs, knocking, kettling)
  3. Original parts are hard to find / refurbished / replica parts are offered
  4. Change in boiler flame colour
  5. Inefficient heating
  6. Higher than average energy bills

The fact is, it will cost you less on your energy bills to install a new boiler. However, it will take a while to recoup your investment but it is important to think beyond this. The advantages of a new boiler go beyond just the cost saving.

Key benefits to homeowners:

  1. Peace of Mind
  2. Reduced Energy Bills
  3. More Efficient Heating
  4. Quiet Running Boiler / Heating System
  5. Environmental Benefit

How much will a new boiler cost?

If you want an exact price, use our FREE Boiler Quotation Form for a FAST and accurate price.

Our intuitive form collects the relevant information we need to give you accurate quote. We are sure you will impressed with both our price and our service, if you choose to use us.

General pricing guide for you:

A new combi or system boiler will cost between £600 – £850 for a budget model, £800 – £1,100 for a mid range model and £900 – £2,000 for a premium model. Prices in each group vary according to boiler size. A heat only boiler will cost between £500 – £1,500 according to boiler size and manufacturer.

Tips for getting the best price

Unfortunately, the big names you might know and recognise in the industry are NOT the best choice when it comes to getting a good deal! Our customers save hundreds / thousands of pounds when buying a boiler from EJ Wheldon.

Do I need to have any adjustments made to existing gas pipes?

It now seems to be between 1 and 3 mbars the pressure at the governor is 19-21 mbar and the required pressure at the boiler is now 18 mbar – even when the manufacture (Vaillant) writes that the boiler needs only 16mbar. This often leads to a requirement to rip out the existing 22mm pipework installed for the same 24kw boiler (1 bed flats) installed less than 10 years ago and replace with 28mm pipework to deliver 18 mbar at the boiler.

The existing pipework provides 16 mbar at the boiler. This work can easily cost 1/3 or more of the cost of the new boiler, and my gas engineer says it’s happening all over. This is a mad waste of the country’s treasure unless there is a good case for it: what is the case?

The 2003 regs appear to have been content with 12.5mbar at the boiler! Has anybody done a whole-life cost of condensing boilers? I have been undertaking planned replacement of older boilers, but I am seriously considering changing to the IIABDFI policy (If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it). I am seriously considering service boilers and separate point of use electric water heaters.

I’d also like a boiler that didn’t need mains electricity as I don’t trust any of our politicians to make decisions in time to safeguard either supply. Best alternative is solar tubes and a pv pump, with a Honda 4.5kw generator in the shed, but it doesn’t work for flats!

Will I need to have my flue adjusted?

Not necessarily. If you fill in our enquiry form, it will walk you through the criteria for Flue positioning and what it should be. It will be easy for you to determine if your existing flue is compliant or not. We will be able to offer assistance and advise if any adjustments need to be made, so do not be overly concerned with this at the moment.

Are old boilers more reliable than modern ones?

Some customers tell us they keep their old boilers as they were built better back in the day and are less likely to fail. There are some truths in this, not just in this industry, but many others. Quality components have been replaced with cheaper, easier to produce parts and this can affect the life of a product. However, when choosing which boiler to have fitted, you will be offered a variety of warranty solutions. Most manufacturers offer 7+ years warranty with many offering 10 as standard. It is also possible to extend these.

If a modern boiler is serviced properly, adhering to manufacturers recommendations, then your boiler should serve you well for many years to come.

Why are you so cheap?

We don’t like the word cheap. We think it’s better to say ‘great value for money’.

The fact is, we have a long background in the industry and we sell a large volume of boilers and get the best possible rates from the manufacturers. We have streamlined our business, kept costs down and are able to deliver excellent pricing to match our excellent service. The more boilers we install, the busier we get as our customers tell others and we benefit from word of mouth referrals.

Our heating engineers are trained to the latest standards, all Gas Safe Registered and ensure that we deliver the best service, on time, every time.

Can I install a new boiler myself?

If you are a Gas Safe Registered heating engineer with the relevant experience, of course. If not, this is not a DIY install and requires the correct knowledge and experience to make it safe.

I need a new boiler. What should I look for in an installer?

We hope you will choose us, but if not, we advise you make sure the installer is Gas Safe Registered. We advise you check this on the official gas safe register. Every installer should be registered on this site, in order to be able to legally install your boiler.

Glowworm Economy Plus Case Study

Summary: Customers located in Maidwell, Northamptonshire has an old Glow Worm Economy Plus boiler which is approximately 20 years old.

Problems: It was operational initially but had became noisy and unreliable over the last couple of years. It has had two engineer visits within 1 year to replace a fan and install Nest Thermostat. The boiler worked for another 7 months after the fan was replaced, before finally failing fully due to suspected failed PCB (printed circuit board).

Solution: Due to the age of the boiler, certain components were beginning to wear out. Parts were available BUT due to the age of this one, they are either refurbished or non-original. This meant there are no guarantees it will work after replacing the parts and for how long.

Decision: Due to the cost of the parts and uncertainty of them, the decision was made to put the money of repair towards the cost of a new boiler.

Interesting Facts of the Case:

  1. Prior to fitting the new boiler, the customer reported that the original boiler was working on average 6 1/4 hours per day. This was to heat the house and water.
  2. After the new boiler was fitted, Nest reported the boiler was working 1 1/2 hours per day on average.

Many households leave it too late and the boiler often fails at the worst possible time, mostly during the winter months when it needs to work harder.